Premium Wills Guide for Clients

Why should you upgrade to a smarter, higher-value Will that includes testamentary discretionary trusts?

Many clients who simply own their home and superannuation, but don’t have other complex business assets or investments, wrongly think that they can’t benefit from a more sophisticated Will – that is a big mistake!

Read our 10-page guide, written in plain English, which includes a realistic case study showing that a typical client, who owns nothing but their apartment worth $800K, can save more than $156K in tax over 10 years after the estate passes to the beneficiaries.

For clients that have more complex business and investment structures having a smarter Will, as well as having a detailed estate planning review, is essential and our experienced lawyers at Capital Legal are here to assist.

Access our guide to why everyone should upgrade to a smarter Will here – Premium Wills Guide for Clients.